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Lync 2013 Basic Deployment

These instructions are for Microsoft Lync 2013 Basic which has fewer features than Lync 2013 Full. However the basic concept will work for both versions.

Step 1 – Extract files from the Lync Basic installer: %sourcelocation%\lyncentry.exe /extract:%extractionlocation%

Step 2 – From the extracted files run the OCT tool: %extractionlocation%\setup.exe /admin

Step 3 – Use OCT to configure a msp file to your desired customization choices.

Step 4 – To avoid the “First things first” window when user start Lync for the first time add the following reg entries under Additional Content | Add Registry Entries in the OCT tool

lync step5a

lync step5b

Step 5 – Save your settings to your MSP file.

Step 6 – Deploy your MSP. How you deploy is up to you:

  • You can add the MSP file you create to the Updates folder of the extracted files from the source installer and run the install with the command %extractionlocation%\setup.exe. This will install all the msp in the Updates folder including your custom MSP. You will see a Microsoft setup window for a second as it reads the MSP file before installing.
  • You can save the MSP to whatever place you like and use a command that will point to that place; %extractionlocation%\setup.exe /adminfile %yourcustomMSPlocation%

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